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Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Reiki Coaching Distance - on phone only


Intuitive Reiki Coaching is a blend of receiving Reiki at a distance and intuitive guidance to help discover your own truth-  We begin by opening the phone call with a brief connection and meditation to Reiki energy and our guides.

We will be releasing all that no longer serves the client and moving into a new paradigm.........Of limitless possibilities.


We create your coaching package of 4 x 90 minute sessions, 4 x  60 minute sessions, or 8 x  60 minute, or 8 x 90 minute sessions depending on how deep you are ready to dive. 


Sessions will include but not limited to: Prayer- energy clearing - book suggestions - written work - energy healing - journal entries - confidentiality

All sessions are done via distance over the phone. No refunds given for missed appointments or unfinished packages.

*one year expiration enforced

4 @ 90 min


4 @ 60 min


8 @ 60 min

$ 1100*

8 @ 90 min

$ 1800*
*Cancellation, No Show and Refund Policies:

Cancellation/No Show Policy:- Mystic Reiki & Wellness enforces the "NO SHOW" policy. If you are unable to make your appointment we ask that you cancel at least 48 hours in advance.

Mystic Reiki & Wellness charges full visit amount to appointments cancelled after the 48 hour notice time.

Package cancellation of a session may be subject to forfeit of the session cancelled.

Refund Policy: All sales are final. No refunds will be given. 

Group Classes or Workshops are final sales however may be rescheduled to a later date (one time only)

Private Classes are also final sales- 40% fee charged for a reschedule after the 48 hour window.

Please email or call 949-280-9202.

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