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Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Reiki Coaching Distance - on phone only


Intuitive Reiki Coaching is a blend of receiving Reiki at a distance and intuitive guidance to help discover your own truth-  We begin by opening the phone call with a brief connection and meditation to Reiki energy and our guides.

We will be releasing all that no longer serves the client and moving into a new paradigm.........Of limitless possibilities.


We create your coaching package of 4 x 90 minute sessions, 4 x  60 minute sessions, or 8 x  60 minute, or 8 x 90 minute sessions depending on how deep you are ready to dive. 


Sessions will include but not limited to: Prayer- energy clearing - book suggestions - written work - energy healing - journal entries - confidentiality

All sessions are done via distance over the phone. No refunds given for missed appointments or unfinished packages.

*one year expiration enforced

4 @ 90 min


4 @ 60 min


8 @ 60 min

$ 1100*

8 @ 90 min

$ 1800*


We do not accept cancellations - only rescheduling and we require a 48 hour notice. In the event you are sick or unable tomake your appointment, contact us immediately to reschedule. We do not offer refunds on any appointments or classes scheduled. Last minute or same day cancellations may be lost/forfeit and are considered a “no show.” If the session is on a gift certificate or prepaid (discounted) package and less than 48 hours cancelled or no show, service will be void. 

Group Classes or Workshops are final sales however may be rescheduled to a later date (one time only)

Private Classes are also final sales- 40% fee charged for a reschedule after the 48 hour window.

Please email or call 949-280-9202.

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