Client Stories

Its Just Love....

Having had little experience with Reiki, I recently attended a Reiki and crystal healing circle with an open mind and no strong expectations.

I didn't anticipate the remarkable experience I wound up having.


A group of women, gathered in a quiet location near the beach, we were asked to write down an intention and place it under a healing crystal in the center of the room. I wrote down an issue I had been wrestling with for months. We sat in a dimly lit room, with pleasant sounds and smells, while Kerry guided us through a meditation. Kathleen performed her healing work with each woman through crystals, and Kerry through Reiki. The session lasted about an hour.


During the mediation I felt warm, relaxed, and my conscious thoughts drifted away - this alone is remarkable. To have "nothing" on my mind is next to impossible. After some period in this state, a message was gently, yet powerfully, revealed to me. In no uncertain terms, an idea was communicated to me, but it was neither a thought, nor an emotion. It just...was.


Well into the meditation, I had forgotten all about my every day preoccupations, even the intention I wrote on the card. This difficulty is around another person, and I had tried every form of mental work-around I could come up with in order to find relief from it. Pray about it. Block it out. Change my thoughts about it. Write about it. Find a new perspective. Accept it. Ignore it. Scold myself for it. Associate new thoughts with it. Talk about it. Don't talk about it. Ignore the person. Don't ignore the person. Anything to cope.


Then it was revealed to me. Perfectly communicated to me, in both a visual form and through an irrefutable, intellectual understanding. I was told to send it out, away from myself. I no longer needed to grapple with it, I needed to send it out. Not just let it go, but actively propel it away.

I was shown hands, open hands, wrist to wrist, like a person poised to catch an object. In the hands was a glowing sphere, yellow and orange on the perimeter - and this was it, the thing I was to send away.


Prior to that evening, I had thought of this challenge as a problem - something I needed to fix. That changed entirely. The thing I was to send outward, the sphere in the hands, isn't a problem or a complication, it is love. In this sphere, in the hands, is love.


I was directed to send love, not just blindly send it outward, I was directed to send love, specifically to that person. At times, I feel compelled to face the direction I sense that person is in, and send love. Further, it is not entirely or necessarily my love I am sending - it's just love.

I may have thought this thing strange last week, but this week, there is nothing peculiar about it. It is perfectly clear, perfectly relevant, and makes absolute sense.   


She prefers to remain anonymous but wanted to contribute this beautiful story

How Reiki Helped Bailey....

My yorkie is ten years old and I’ve had him since he was a puppy. He’s suffered from severe separation anxiety and stomach trouble ever since I could remember. I found this to be heartbreaking because he's so special to me. Fortunately, I met Kerry and she has not only helped me but she helps my yorkie. There are literally no words to express what a difference reiki has made in my life! Any yorkie owner knows that these are very sensitive and delicate dogs but my dog is extra sensitive. He’s only five pounds and he’s very needy. His stomach issues are triggered by his nervous nature and when his stomach acts up I can tell he is in pain. He responds beautifully to distance reiki healing just as I do. I have witnessed his relief from pain very quickly from having reiki and love the fact that I don’t have to give him pills from the vet. I believe natural is better. He goes from being whiny and hyper to calm and relaxed. It’s really a miracle to witness. It’s like he’s a completely different dog after a session. This way I know I can leave the house and not worry about him being upset or in pain.

I would encourage anyone who has a house pet that suffers from pain or has trouble keeping calm to try reiki. It’s been a life saver. Thank you Kerry!

 Jennifer Z.

Healing Circle....

"I have had the fortunate opportunity to experience not only a wonderful Reiki Healing Circle with Kerry but chose to get my Reiki Master Certification through her.The very first time I met Kerry, my body tingled with emotion as she moved around me during my Healing Attunement. It was after that profound experience that I chose Kerry as my Master Teacher. Kerry has a gentle, nurturing nature and an authentic ability to effortlessly bring comfort and healing to those in her presence. My Reiki Master Training experience was personable, informative, professional and inspiring. Kerry has made herself available for any questions I have had and I am grateful to know her."

Jacqueline W.

Yoga Teacher/Reiki Master

Reiki Results....

"I have been receiving reiki healing from Kerry for over 5 years and keep coming back because she is gifted in her practice. 

I get results!  Kerry's reiki treatments, which

at times include crystals and aroma therapy have helped relieve insomnia, severe back pain, headaches, digestive issues and old emotional stuff.  She's kind, down-to-earth and makes you feel right at home.  Kerry is also a wonderful spiritual teacher in her reiki classes and during treatments when she will offer intuitive guidance if she finds it is needed.  I'm grateful to have her on my

team of healers."

Pamela K.

Overall Health Help....

After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I struggled to find the treatments that were best for me. 

Reiki with Kerry was one of the most therapeutic ways that helped calm

my nerves and muscles, relieve pain,

helped me sleep, and helped to make me less stressed and anxious.  I would highly recommend to anyone struggling with chronic illness or even just needing to relax for a bit.

Lisa G.