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Client Stories

Kerry is a truly gifted healer...a force of nature...I highly recommend Mystic Reiki & Wellness.

"I have had the fortunate opportunity to experience not only a wonderful Reiki Healing Circle with Kerry but chose to get my Reiki Master Certification through her.The very first time I met Kerry, my body tingled with emotion as she moved around me during my Healing Attunement. It was after that profound experience that I chose Kerry as my Master Teacher. Kerry has a gentle, nurturing nature and an authentic ability to effortlessly bring comfort and healing to those in her presence. My Reiki Master Training experience was personable, informative, professional and inspiring. Kerry has made herself available for any questions I have had and I am grateful to know her."

            Jacqueline W.

           Yoga Teacher/Reiki Master

Healing Circle....

"I have been receiving reiki healing from Kerry for over 5 years and keep coming back because she is gifted in her practice. I get results!  Kerry's reiki treatments, which at times include crystals and aroma therapy have helped relieve insomnia, severe back pain, headaches, digestive issues and old emotional stuff.  She's kind, down-to-earth and makes you feel right at home.  Kerry is also a wonderful spiritual teacher in her reiki classes and during treatments when she will offer intuitive guidance if she finds it is needed.  I'm grateful to have her on my

team of healers."

              Pamela K.

Reiki Results....

After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I struggled to find the treatments that were best for me. Reiki with Kerry was one of the most therapeutic ways that helped calm my nerves and muscles, relieve pain, helped me sleep, and helped to make me less stressed and anxious.  I would highly recommend to anyone struggling with chronic illness or even just needing to relax for a bit.

                Lisa G.

Overall Health Help....
Reiki Healing

Kerry at Mystic Reiki and Wellness is amazing. She is a true healer, whose energy work is powerful and profound. She is caring and compassionate, and has a gift in her ability to read, clear and heal energy. Kerry helped me through a difficult medical issue, and I would always notice a marked difference in the way I felt, both physically and emotionally, after each session with her. Her healing, intuitive nature is truly one of a kind.   

               M. Anderson

A True Healer....
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