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Product Favs

Mystic Reiki Product Recommendations

BestMassage Professional 4" Pad Portable Reiki Portable Massage Table w/ 77" Long Solid Bedframe

This is the best adjustable reiki table for all types of sessions. This is the table we currently use in office and is used mostly for stationary use but has the capability to be folded and stored as well! It’s comfortable, well made and it’s the one we recommend.



Crystal Singing Bowl Protective Padded Sleeve Set,
6 Piece Set
Including 8", 9",10", 11", 12" and 13" Diameters

This set is perfect for protecting your crystal bowls with in your case(s) or while at home/office. They will provide just enough protection from daily use and moving around to mitigate most cracks and minor chips. Also, great to be used when nesting your bowls for transport. We highly recommend!




Singing Bowl Mallet Clear Acrylic Rubber Striker Mallet for Playing Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl with Bundle Pocket

This rubber mallet is our absolute fave for sound resolution and effort while playing your crystal bowls This mallet is the one we use and is fully rubber with no handle (so we can use either end! Super easy and versatile 

Singing Bowl Mallet Clear Acrylic Base Rubber Striker Mallet for Playing Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl with Bundle Pocket (Clear)

This mallet is a silicone handle and rubber mallet striker as well as having the better sound resolution (than that of the Suede mallets) it is super easy to use and convenient with the handle. 




Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Bottle with Flex Cap

Best Flask ever....Sturdy Stainless Steel with no steel taste. Comes in a large assortment of colors and sizes. Has a great flex strap to carry and a perfect leakproof seal on the lid.

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