Mystic Reiki Staff

Kerry Walker-Collins



Kerry Walker-Collins started in the healing profession as a board certified esthetician and medical skincare specialist in 2007 in Laguna Beach California. Working under the care of a medical physician she expanded her awareness of both holistic and medical skincare needs. Blending her knowledge of a more holistic approach to life with medical and science based technology,  Kerry found her niche in what would best suit her client’s needs.  She became known for innovative protocols and customized blended treatments and so her passion for great skincare and whole body treatments was born. All ready working hands on with clients, she realized there was an element missing in the treatments she provided. 


She began studying Reiki in late 2007 under Masters Colleen Benelli and Rita Vanderslice, both direct descendants of Master and founder of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) William Rand And Usui Sensei (Reiki Founder in 1922).


She then used her blend of skin care treatments and healing talents in the medical environment as well as a Spa Studio and mastered the technique of blending Reiki and Facials as well as Reiki Treatments, Classes and Workshops on related topics.


An affiliate of the ICRT, Reiki Master and teacher since 2009, Kerry utilizes and teaches the art of Reiki with the Center’s materials and guidelines to provide a structured, grounded platform for teaching Reiki attunement classes.  She has extensive knowledge in energy therapy; essential oils; spirit guides and spiritual protection techniques for homes, pets and people; intuitive readings; chakra clearings; and intuitively guided coaching.


Kerry today enjoys a successful private practice in  Laguna Beach, California where she resides with her husband and son. Her passion is to help humanity return to their truth and to attune people to the beautiful and gentle healing energy of Reiki. A strong believer in the mind-body-soul connection both within and universally, she believes that a clean body accentuates a clean mind.  Kerry helps her students, clients and others to utilize the practice in their daily lives.

Shadi Taleghani


Shadi began her reiki journey in 2019 with a local reiki teacher in Laguna Niguel, California.

She first knew she was being led to energy healing after having multiple profound personal experiences during sound baths,meditations and energy healing groups that she had been attending. She began sensing that the energy was moving through her own hands and saw visions of energy patterns throughout.  Thus through her own life encounters and changes, she began her awakening journey. She continued following her heart and was led to receive her Reiki Master training with Mystic Reiki in 2020. She is very excited to join our team and assist you on your own Reiki Journey.

Kuri Tanael


Kuri Tanael has been a board certified Esthetician for over 20 years. She first started her career in Los Angeles, California and more recently left her celebrity clientele to move to Orange County. She then worked with plastic surgeons in the medical skincare and beauty fields in a medical spa setting, but found herself most at home in a more holistic environment.  Thus finding her place with Feel Well 4 Life and then Mystic Reiki & Wellness (in Laguna Beach) Kuri is Reiki 1 certified and working on her Level 2, to enhance her facials with the added healing and relaxation benefits (available on request). Her mission as an Esthetician is to assist her clients in looking and feeling great about not only their appearance but also their overall well-being. Her passion for skincare shows through her work and she would love to share her expertise with you!