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Meet the Healers

Kerry Walker-Collins



Kerry Walker-Collins started her healing profession as a board certified esthetician in 2007.  Working under the care of a physician she expanded her awareness of both holistic and medical skincare. Blending her more holistic approach with medical and science based technology, Kerry found her niche.  She became known for innovative protocols and customized wellness treatments. 


Reiki healing became integrated into her treatments late 2007 after studying with Masters Colleen Benelli ICRT(Reiki 1&2)and Rita Vanderslice (Master class)2008, students of the founder of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) William Rand and  Mikao Usui Sensei (Reiki Founder1922).  


As Reiki Master teacher,Kerry utilizes the ICRT manuals to provide a structured, grounded yet intuitive platform for teaching her Reiki classes.  She has extensive knowledge in energy therapies; essential oils; spiritual guides and angels classes as well as spiritual protection techniques for homes, pets and people; plus intuitively guided coaching.


Kerry founded Mystic Reiki & Wellness in 2011 in downtown Laguna Beach, California. She has become a leading Reiki Master teacher in Southern California teaching over a thousand students and masters in her 15 year calling/career. Her divine purpose is to help humanity return to their truth and to God through Reiki and healing. 

Courtney Parkyn


Courtney was introduced to yoga, meditation, and Eastern healing modalities at the age of 17 by her mother.  She dabbled in these practices for 7 years before becoming truly passionate about them.  At the age of 24, having had a huge shift in her life and a spiritual awakening, she pursued the path of helping others by teaching yoga and meditation.  Two years later, in 2010, when she took her advanced yoga training, she was introduced to Reiki as a way to help her students more and to help manage her own energy.  The more she used the practice of Reiki, the stronger the energy felt, and the more she could sense it helping to heal herself and others.  She now co-hosts Reiki healing circles with Kerry Walker-Collins, offers individual Reiki sessions, and hosts yoga and meditation retreats around the country.  She feels grateful to have found a purpose and passion in helping others. 

Kuri Tanael


Kuri Tanael has been a board certified Esthetician for over 20 years. She first started her career in Los Angeles, California and more recently left her celebrity clientele to move to Orange County. She then worked with plastic surgeons in the medical skincare and beauty fields in a medical spa setting, but found herself most at home in a more holistic environment.  Thus finding her place with Feel Well 4 Life and then Mystic Reiki & Wellness (in Laguna Beach) Kuri is Reiki 1 certified and working on her Level 2, to enhance her facials with the added healing and relaxation benefits (available on request). Her mission as an Esthetician is to assist her clients in looking and feeling great about not only their appearance but also their overall well-being. Her passion for skincare shows through her work and she would love to share her expertise with you!

Ginette Stephanian.jpeg
Ginette Stephanian


Fascinated by her dad’s love for painting and percussions, her mom’s exquisite gift for playing the piano, and their excitement for engaging with people from all over the world, Ginette found whole-hearted expression through music, dance, and learning about other cultures. She leaned into art, dance, and human connection, earning her B.A. in Humanities and Minors in Dance and Business from Loyola Marymount University.

In 2018 Ginette became a Licensed S Factor Instructor helping others reconnect with their body and celebrate their truth. She reveled in cultivating a warm environment for others to connect to their body’s internal compass. Ginette witnessed in herself and others the glow that comes from living fully in the body attuned to all senses whether in the dance studio, an office meeting, or grocery shopping.

In 2021, Ginette continued to feel the magnetic pull to expand her journey in health and wellness and spent time working in a boutique dermatology office, medical spa, and becoming a Licensed Esthetician.  She crafted special relationships, through consultations and personalized skincare services to nurture clients and create a rejuvenating experience.

Currently, Ginette is a Reiki 2 Certified Esthetician and is ecstatic to share her passion for skin care and healing, igniting the sparkle that shines bright inside, through facials, energy work, and pure love. She also teaches dance weekly at Haus of Embodiment in Newport Beach. Can’t wait to connect with you!

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